Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Simple Story


Here is a short story with a beautiful message...

A little girl and her father were crossing a bridge.

The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter,

"Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don't fall into the river."

The little girl said, "No, Dad. You hold my hand."

"What's the difference?" Asked the puzzled father.

"There's a big difference," replied the little girl.

"If I hold your hand and something happens to me, chances are that I may let go of your hand. But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hand go."

On the lighter spectrum...

The Nun & the Steelworkers

A nun living in a convent next to a construction site noticed the coarse language of the workers and decided to spend some time with them to correct their ways. She decided she would take her lunch, sit with the workers and talk with them. She put her sandwich in a brown bag and walked over to the spot where the men were eating.

She walked up to the group and with a big smile asked, "Do you men know Jesus Christ?"

They shook their heads and looked at each other. One of the workers looked up into the steelwork and yelled, "Anybody up there know Jesus Christ?"

One of the steelworkers asked why.

The worker yelled, "His wife is here with his lunch."


What God Looks Like

A Kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they were drawing. She would occasionally walk around to see each child's work.

As she got to one little girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was.

The girl replied, 'I'm drawing God.'

The teacher paused and said, 'But no one knows what God looks like.'

Without missing a beat, or looking up from her drawing, the girl replied, 'They will in a minute.'


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tagbilaran - A City That Never Sleeps (Revised)

Take it from me. Tagbilaran is truly a city that never sleeps contrary to some blogs that claim otherwise.

A city as buzzling as this locale Tagbilaran perhaps is more suited to be tagged as a 'compact city' in a province full of life and activities in general, but not a Sleepless-in-Seattle distinction of urbis plotted in some movies, nor a reputation NYC has had since time immemorial.

Nightlife considered - but not highlighted - this proud city can claim a comparable accolade as a widely-stopped and extensively-explored destination, whose tourism effort is second-to-none (whether it's at par with international standard is of course another issue) relative to its neighboring islands or cities: eight flights a day to and from the capital city of Manila, a flotilla of fast and pre-modern crafts mooring at its dockside, an endless sight of the so-called pumpboats or outrigger canoes (and motorized ones, too) conveying island-hoppers from one to the other, the seemingly infinite cavalcade of tricyles (they're truly inventive!) that could give you the impression of them either as nuisances or works of art (or perhaps even the Christian church's way of spreading God's good news), the always-streamlined versions of the old thames and open-sided buses (which are long gone!) and sights of endless procession of people like those you find in truly mega-cities, that sometimes you're almost tempted to scream and shout, "what-in-the-world-has-happened-to-this-place!" An ultra-modern version of a pueblo transformed into a ciudad almost in overnight fashion! Heck! There's no such thing as quiet or people taking "siestas" anymore in this otherwise ghost town that it used to be. But what a super-lovable place this place is!

Ergo, with just these facts I can already re-claim the idiosycratic reputation of Tagbilaran as a non-sleeping city.

While the locale population has long been influenced by the so-called "night wingers" (my personal definition of "bat" people), most of Tagbilaran's citizenry, I should say, are still a well-disciplined lot not too different from those who came from the provincial towns. They are mostly hard-day workingpeople who for the most part don't waste their time and pockets going around window-shopping and all (again it's an altogether different story for those born in the X and Millenia epoch). Or perhaps because of the country's economic woes, again, since time immemorial, the majority still avoid this luxurious habit of munching around what with this extensive lists of "tourists" food or cuisines you see everywhere, and yet most people could hardly afford to do so. Or perhaps it's their no-nonsense approach to life the fact that there are other pressing needs or financial obligations that are first and foremost on their list. It's true, while life is worth celebrating, the list of activities and celebrations are simply piecemeal.

My second ergo, needless to say, is that most people still hit the bed quite earlier than what most young people tend to do on a nightly basis.

As to the young generation of era X and the Millenia, hitting the flat bed anywhere between midnight and jogging time at 4 A.M., needless to say is a far and strange thought to behold. It's a "cultural slang" that never seemed to have crossed their innocent minds. Kuno. Or perhaps they maybe just acting like adults asking the young but with a weird inexplicable look in their eye as if they've never been young or teen-agers once. Or is it that playful and youthful look too ignorant to fathom what some lie-ing-parents pretend to claim to have not gone through when they were their age? But, needless to say, these strange and vulnerable lots do really exist among us, much like the multitude that seem to scatter way deep into the night in mega cities like Hongkong, Manila or Bangkok. The so-called children of the night. Literally. These strange lots, however, are not the people I'm talking about... that make a city not sleep or what-have-you. After all, these people, too, will eventually will succumbed to deep lethargy after you give them a few hours to find their way home. (LoL)

Tagbilaran - a city that never sleeps is an altogether different story and conversation. It's state of mind, so I've heard...

Waiting for the next inspiration...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bloody Old Blogger... Bohol Story

Here's one from an old bloody booger, ooops, I mean, blogger, who's a dear friend of mine and a good buddy at that, ToYeM 'd Terrible (".)

Source link: BWAIS, WATTA LYF!

(June 27, 2005) - Mao ni kinabuhi BOEIS… hayahay! (C'est la vie, bwais... la vie est belle!) Here’s a glimpse of the old ME and my experiences, both old and new. Life has been good and God so generous; I feel God has blessed me so abundantly and filled my life with enough stories to tell my loved ones, my children and hopefully, one day, my children’s children. My life’s story is for you to read about and reflect on, peek at (check out ToYeM) and/or take a crack at with your imagination. On this page are few of those "blessed moments" I was opportuned to experience in some small and big ways! Hope you enjoy my BLOGster, kiddos!

+ + +

(6/15/07) - Ssssshhh… ayaw saba (Hush, stay quiet and be still)... I’m still here. haven’t been around much but not gone for good… I’ve been backtracking my thoughts for quite some time now but the "ageless and evergree-nish" cobwebs of my thinking caps are quite absurd-ed by, that’s it, "age and greenish" clouds of forgetfulness and aging. Watta Lyf, bwais!

+ + +

Last week was quite busy for an old brat like me with visits from longtime friends, Fr. Joseph Lim, a U.S.A.F. wing commander out of Texas AFB, who made a quick side trip home from almost a year tour of duty in Iraq before reporting to his next station, Germany! Msgr. Cesar Pagulayan, a.k.a., Derps, also took a few days respite from his parish responsibility in Pasig to join Joseph in Bohol. A reunion of sort for old buddies and friends from the good ol’ 80s in Manilandia.

+ + +

So here I was… back to my old dreaded-job of driving people around town, making sure they are comfortable and having fun as we explore sights and places of old Bohol. We made Jagna our first stop - or first protocol - saying hello to an old buddy, enjoying a sumptuous lunch treat and a-long-enough break for a few pops of Philip Morris. Then off we went, hitting the almost-forgotten scenic road that led to the crisp and beautiful coastline of Anda, Bohol - reminiscent of the good old days of the early 90’s which the last time I visited the place with my old buddies, Fro and Sammy - 'til our last stop of the day, the vintage Poblacion of Anda with its unassuming plaza in front of the old Church building, adorned by sand-filled coastline that looks more like a beach than a plaza itself, or, a park preferred to be strolled by lovers basking under sunlit breeze more than fishermen unloading their catches of the day and for some out-of-school children to bring home some of what may be left as giveaways.

+ + +

We visited another "old gun" in the ministry where both my "tourists" (guests) spent few chuckles with and history-filled chit-chats 'til it was time again to hit the road.

+ + +

(6/25/07) - I’m back. Whew! How time flies! Derps is gone and is probably in the U.S. right now; Fr. Josef, my old buddy, left two weeks ago, this time, reporting to his new station in West Germany… It’s late in the evening, a la Eric Clapton pensive mood; nights are low and all alone, a la Styx reflection: a real conducive time to write about something. Both wife and kid are probably in "dream mode" and I’m jockeying thoughts I once heard from Jose Mari Chan’s "No Rewind, No Replay." Those words can really make you cry: "It’s 2 a.m., we’re lying in bed. Stillness all around, there’s not a sound except in my head." So much for that ultra-sentimental tear-jerker. Makes you realize how old you have become, and lots of introspective moments sometimes make me age. Huhuhu! But I’m no cry baby. You bet!

+ + +

July 2007 is almost here. It was a long 2006, the last time I truly had fun with some old buddies of mine. "I shall return" were the last words I heard from them, one Douglas McArthur didn’t pen. Hehehe. I’m ecstatic. But waiting and anticipation are no fun either. The sundial doesn’t seem to tick as fast. Monsoon rains are on the horizon. Sea waters could be rough, during these times. Imagination doesn’t seem to pick up like it used to be, or when charged. Body’s aching (a la Alice Cooper this time) and "ageless frantics" are quite diminishing. Home and activities seem like a vicious cycle going nowhere. Summertime sun is making its presence felt. Pocket’s full of mumble (a la Simon & Garfunkel, one last time) and hindsight is not an option. I guess I’ll just have to sit a little longer…

+ + +

(July 12, 2007) - I arrived in Cebu yesterday by way of Tubigon to meet an old friend today at the airport. I spent the night with family friends and reminisced some old time goodies. Just talks, long ones, and a few teasers. But this old machine has to park in prep for this big day.

+ + +

My old buddy arrived very much on the dot. No delays I was told. From the US via Hongkong, his favorite lay-over city. Without much ado we proceeded back to the house for some more stories and funfare. We ate a late lunch and rested the rest of the afternoon. But not really. He rested; I and my other friends did not. It was time to fly - Mactan style! You bet we did. The rest was, again, a blur (hahaha!).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Lokoy and Raul (left to right) respectively

Some say I'm the perfect second child... if at all (LoL)


Such a coinage people hear all the time these days - from the ghettos to movie titles (or maybe comic books) to a wandering and exploring mind like mine. The term seems to have a special ring in many of our psyches to finding its way to a reality that more or less gives an almost subtle description of what my life and relationships have turned into.

Truthfully, I have this special fondness - or maybe something more - and friendship with my little brothers who really have become friends of mine more than anything else. It's so special one wonders how things turned out or came to be when you looked around families you hardly even see siblings go out of their way to make such relationship works, much less become more than what it is. I consider myself lucky, but also surprised, when I give it (relationship) some thought... how my life and many of my personal activities revolve so much around these so-called BLOOD BROTHERS. Not family, but these once little ones, brothers of mine... who, even without any loud acknowledgment, are truly, truly, very special to me.

To be continued...

Circa 70's Photos (Courtesy of AMC MemorabiLibrary)

Summer Of 2006

Toyem with his batman cape readies to let the blues fly


It was a moment unforgettable… a time that stood still… smile galore, a moment joyful! Time well spent laced with personal reflections, sharing, anguish and even friendship.

* * *

Little did I know seconds, minutes and hours simply disappeared on the horizon… as well as our minds and personal histories. New history being written… old memories reminisced… friendship bonded to an even deeper bonding of souls and untold stories. Fantasy-like moments embodied in a unique world of unrealistic thoughts and dreams and glazier-like visions.

* * *

Familiar names and familiar faces coupled with newfound acquaintances and starless-studied events planted on unfamiliar settings, all new and unpredicted discoveries of wouda’-coulda’-shoulda’ showdown of conventional expectations of what "might-have-beens" or "should-have-beens," present realities nonetheless are what have been brought to the forefront of our new personalities created in such awful feelings of paranoia or "smoke screen" enigma of long lost souls battling for truth of unforgiving youth and search for lost time (huh! what am I talking about?!!) LoLx.

* * *

Picturesque scenes of unfulfilled dreams haunting the past, and the present as well, with no certainty of future life - is all I’m seeing in the here and now, a NOW that’s not even considered real and truthful in the vulgarity of hurtful metanioa of what life should not have been (giggles). Ahhh, there’s the burden of carrying the world at the back of my pack too heavy and too vague to comprehend…

* * *

The Summer of ‘06 - irreplaceable as you are, and desirable, too, as always, you are but in the PAST. And so I must let you go…

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mother Like Son

This is a repost of some of my mom's (Hermogena 'Nene' Borja-Lungay) paintings as was posted in Tubag Bohol courtesy of Vida Tirol a.k.a. Melrose

Self Portrait of Hermogena 'Nene' Borja-Lungay: MOM

Kusina Sa Kaniadto (Traditional Filipino Kitchen)

The Wooden Bridge

Water Nymphs... Minor River or Swamp Dieties

Unwelcomed Visitors

The Visual Realist

Click the photo to view actual size. Right click to copy it

Fro's Music

I have to write something about this composer who happens to be a dear cousin of mine. Not only did we grow up and play together as kids, but we've been best of friends since I can remember: being in the same seminary at one time, playing music together, joined the same fraternity of friends and many other stuff too many to mention. But this I can say, in the field of creative arts, there's no question both of us share an almost twin passion (new word? LoL) for such that we spent many a-countless sleepless nights re-living the past and present, and dreaming of a future that may never be... yet gives the both of us the joy and pleasure only true company of friends and true artists come to realize, at times, in this elusively fascinating life.

Father J. Roel Lungay, a.k.a. Fro, is a priest-songwriter of thirty years from Bohol, Philippines and is currently the pastor of St. Genevieve Catholic Church in Slidell, Louisiana.

As singer-performer Fro often plays for small-group type of venues or gathering as part of his music ministry. As a songwriter, he writes all types of genre from religious to popular, rock to little country. Since 1992 Father Roel has recorded and self-produced a number of albums:

Mass of St. Rita (Liturgical, 1993)
Dear Jesus (Religious, 1994)
Fro's Music Revisited, Vols. 1 & 2 (Country, 1995)
One Heart, One Mind (Ballads, 1996
Christian Arts Songs, Vols. 1, 2 & 3 (Children, 1996-1998)

In 2005, right after Katrina, he collaborated with an old friend, Austrian-based producer and guitarist, Jimmy Cempron, and penned a soul-moving tribute to New Orleans that was just devastated by Hurricane Katrina , "Livin' It Up."

This year 2009, after a long hiatus, he revives his writing skills by co-writing again with another old friend and popular Boholano guitarist-turned-keyboardist, Romeo Mascariñas, also otherwise known as Romeo! Romeo! and both are bent of treading the country music highway with their mostly upbeat dance-oriented rocking tunes and a flair of the old stuff - pop and jazz influence of the 80's.

Watch out for their up-coming CD release called the BIG BANG! which will soon hit the airwaves.

To sample some of Fro's current works, please click any of the title below:

(Barbara Henry - J. Roel Lungay)

(J. Roel Lungay - Arnold Zamora)

(J. Roel Lungay - Romeo C. Mascariñas)


There's A Place (For You And Me)

In terms of the two of us, that is, you and I, is always a special place where no else is, and the time, moments and memories we create at any particular time are but ours to share and behold. Love is in the air, so it says, and love is what we breathe that runs through our veins and bloodstreams so red and so full of meaning that it's the only image I consider for my heart and love for thee, my love. And so I speak and sing to you and your heart these words of love...


Words and music by Brydon Borja Lungay

Produced by Jimmy Cempron

Performed by Jimmelou Cempron

Mastered at Fro Audio by J. Roel Lungay
with Izotope OzoneMP and NewBlue Softwares

There’s a new wind blowing on my face
There’s a new sun shining above my head
There’s a wide blue sky and its opening my eyes
Making me see the truth behind the lies.

There’s a new feeling calling for a change
It’s a new feeling I can't explain
Like a silent stream I’ll find my way down the river
Taking me down back, oh, to the open sea.

There’s a place for you
There’s a place for me
Somewhere a destination
We got to find it ourselves
There’s no help along the way
You’re alone and you must be free.

There’s a wild voice calling my name
Is it you tryin’ to play a little game?
There’s a wild storm raging and it's blinding your eyes
Making me harder to get, much harder to find.

(Repeat Refrain)

There’s a new dream that breaks the day
When things just are not working your way
We must seek and find what we don’t understand
‘Til we get closer to who is behind.

(Repeat Refrain)

Copyright © 1990 DrBrydz Musiz. Administered in EU by Jaycees Music and in the US by Fro's Music. All Rights Reserved

Note: Please turn off player on the right hand column before you play this song

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Doctor Is In / There Is More

That's right, I'm in and I'm here for good. Without beating the bushes, what you see is what you get but I'll give you my best and a lot more. There is more... you can say that again!


Words and music by Brydon Borja Lungay (Philippines)

Produced and performed by Jimmy Cempron

Mastered with iZotope OzoneMP by J. Roel Lungay
(New Orleans)

So many words
So many thoughts
Too little things I’ve done today.

So many people
Living like fools
We gotta free ourselves someday.

So many dreams
Nothin’ but dreams
We gotta wake ourselves and see…

There is more than your eyes can see
More than your lips can say
More than your hearts can feel
More than your feet can take you
More than your arms can take
Gotta find it ourselves
There is nothing’ else we can do (no!)

So many hearts
Broken apart
Do you believe in love anyway?

All the things that we want
All the things that we do
From our hands they just slip away.

(Repeat Refrain)


(Repeat Refrain 2x)

Copyright © 1988 Dr Brydz Music. Administered in Europe by Jaycee Music and in the U.S. by Fro’s Music. International Copyright Secured. All rights reserved