Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fro's Music

I have to write something about this composer who happens to be a dear cousin of mine. Not only did we grow up and play together as kids, but we've been best of friends since I can remember: being in the same seminary at one time, playing music together, joined the same fraternity of friends and many other stuff too many to mention. But this I can say, in the field of creative arts, there's no question both of us share an almost twin passion (new word? LoL) for such that we spent many a-countless sleepless nights re-living the past and present, and dreaming of a future that may never be... yet gives the both of us the joy and pleasure only true company of friends and true artists come to realize, at times, in this elusively fascinating life.

Father J. Roel Lungay, a.k.a. Fro, is a priest-songwriter of thirty years from Bohol, Philippines and is currently the pastor of St. Genevieve Catholic Church in Slidell, Louisiana.

As singer-performer Fro often plays for small-group type of venues or gathering as part of his music ministry. As a songwriter, he writes all types of genre from religious to popular, rock to little country. Since 1992 Father Roel has recorded and self-produced a number of albums:

Mass of St. Rita (Liturgical, 1993)
Dear Jesus (Religious, 1994)
Fro's Music Revisited, Vols. 1 & 2 (Country, 1995)
One Heart, One Mind (Ballads, 1996
Christian Arts Songs, Vols. 1, 2 & 3 (Children, 1996-1998)

In 2005, right after Katrina, he collaborated with an old friend, Austrian-based producer and guitarist, Jimmy Cempron, and penned a soul-moving tribute to New Orleans that was just devastated by Hurricane Katrina , "Livin' It Up."

This year 2009, after a long hiatus, he revives his writing skills by co-writing again with another old friend and popular Boholano guitarist-turned-keyboardist, Romeo Mascariñas, also otherwise known as Romeo! Romeo! and both are bent of treading the country music highway with their mostly upbeat dance-oriented rocking tunes and a flair of the old stuff - pop and jazz influence of the 80's.

Watch out for their up-coming CD release called the BIG BANG! which will soon hit the airwaves.

To sample some of Fro's current works, please click any of the title below:

(Barbara Henry - J. Roel Lungay)

(J. Roel Lungay - Arnold Zamora)

(J. Roel Lungay - Romeo C. Mascariñas)


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