Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Of 2006

Toyem with his batman cape readies to let the blues fly


It was a moment unforgettable… a time that stood still… smile galore, a moment joyful! Time well spent laced with personal reflections, sharing, anguish and even friendship.

* * *

Little did I know seconds, minutes and hours simply disappeared on the horizon… as well as our minds and personal histories. New history being written… old memories reminisced… friendship bonded to an even deeper bonding of souls and untold stories. Fantasy-like moments embodied in a unique world of unrealistic thoughts and dreams and glazier-like visions.

* * *

Familiar names and familiar faces coupled with newfound acquaintances and starless-studied events planted on unfamiliar settings, all new and unpredicted discoveries of wouda’-coulda’-shoulda’ showdown of conventional expectations of what "might-have-beens" or "should-have-beens," present realities nonetheless are what have been brought to the forefront of our new personalities created in such awful feelings of paranoia or "smoke screen" enigma of long lost souls battling for truth of unforgiving youth and search for lost time (huh! what am I talking about?!!) LoLx.

* * *

Picturesque scenes of unfulfilled dreams haunting the past, and the present as well, with no certainty of future life - is all I’m seeing in the here and now, a NOW that’s not even considered real and truthful in the vulgarity of hurtful metanioa of what life should not have been (giggles). Ahhh, there’s the burden of carrying the world at the back of my pack too heavy and too vague to comprehend…

* * *

The Summer of ‘06 - irreplaceable as you are, and desirable, too, as always, you are but in the PAST. And so I must let you go…

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