Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There's A Place (For You And Me)

In terms of the two of us, that is, you and I, is always a special place where no else is, and the time, moments and memories we create at any particular time are but ours to share and behold. Love is in the air, so it says, and love is what we breathe that runs through our veins and bloodstreams so red and so full of meaning that it's the only image I consider for my heart and love for thee, my love. And so I speak and sing to you and your heart these words of love...


Words and music by Brydon Borja Lungay

Produced by Jimmy Cempron

Performed by Jimmelou Cempron

Mastered at Fro Audio by J. Roel Lungay
with Izotope OzoneMP and NewBlue Softwares

There’s a new wind blowing on my face
There’s a new sun shining above my head
There’s a wide blue sky and its opening my eyes
Making me see the truth behind the lies.

There’s a new feeling calling for a change
It’s a new feeling I can't explain
Like a silent stream I’ll find my way down the river
Taking me down back, oh, to the open sea.

There’s a place for you
There’s a place for me
Somewhere a destination
We got to find it ourselves
There’s no help along the way
You’re alone and you must be free.

There’s a wild voice calling my name
Is it you tryin’ to play a little game?
There’s a wild storm raging and it's blinding your eyes
Making me harder to get, much harder to find.

(Repeat Refrain)

There’s a new dream that breaks the day
When things just are not working your way
We must seek and find what we don’t understand
‘Til we get closer to who is behind.

(Repeat Refrain)

Copyright © 1990 DrBrydz Musiz. Administered in EU by Jaycees Music and in the US by Fro's Music. All Rights Reserved

Note: Please turn off player on the right hand column before you play this song

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