Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Lokoy and Raul (left to right) respectively

Some say I'm the perfect second child... if at all (LoL)


Such a coinage people hear all the time these days - from the ghettos to movie titles (or maybe comic books) to a wandering and exploring mind like mine. The term seems to have a special ring in many of our psyches to finding its way to a reality that more or less gives an almost subtle description of what my life and relationships have turned into.

Truthfully, I have this special fondness - or maybe something more - and friendship with my little brothers who really have become friends of mine more than anything else. It's so special one wonders how things turned out or came to be when you looked around families you hardly even see siblings go out of their way to make such relationship works, much less become more than what it is. I consider myself lucky, but also surprised, when I give it (relationship) some thought... how my life and many of my personal activities revolve so much around these so-called BLOOD BROTHERS. Not family, but these once little ones, brothers of mine... who, even without any loud acknowledgment, are truly, truly, very special to me.

To be continued...

Circa 70's Photos (Courtesy of AMC MemorabiLibrary)

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